June Is National Safety Month for Seniors

Nearly 8 in 10 Americans (77%) are worried about the safety of their parent and/or grandparent living alone or with a spouse/partner, according to a new Caring.com report. Yet despite these concerns, the majority of children and grandchildren have not … Continued

Where Are Retirees Moving?

Smart Asset – Nick Wallace – 05/04/2016 As the baby boomer generation ages into their 60s and 70s, the number of retirees in the United States is going to increase. So too will their economic sway. Many retirees, no longer … Continued


Post Mother’s Day lets talk about how mom is really doing.  What did you observe on your last visit with her that might cause some concern as to her safety living on her own?  Here are some red flags that … Continued

Risk of Hiring Caregivers Under the Table

  Why It Can Be Dangerous to Hire Caregivers Under the Table By Melanie Haiken, Caring.com senior editor There’s no question that when you peruse the ads for an in-home caregiver on Craigslist or other online sites, or you discuss … Continued

The Family Learning Center

CareBuilders at Home Plano-Frisco Introduces New Website For Family Caregivers March 18, 2016 Plano, TX – CareBuilders At Home Plano-Frisco this week is introducing a Family Learning Center® on its website, www.CareBuildersAtHomePlano.com, making it easier for family caregivers to find … Continued

Heart-Healthy Habits for Seniors

February is National Heart Month.  Many seniors believe that heart disease risks are inevitable in old age. In truth, there are plenty of ways to keep your heart in great shape; start with these seven. Heart disease is a major … Continued


    Millions of Americans provide unpaid assistance each year to elderly family, friends, and neighbors to help them remain in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. Sometimes these caregivers need time off to relax or … Continued

Women and Alzheimer’s Disease

Women are at the epicenter of the Alzheimer’s crisis. An estimated 3.2 million, or two-thirds of American seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease, are women. In Texas, that equates to nearly ¼ million women living with Alzheimer’s disease. Not only are … Continued

How To Agree On In Home Care Plan

Getting the Family to Agree on a Care Plan for an Older Adult Tempers can run high when an aging relative falls into a crisis and different family members have varying opinions. Generally, disagreements about money—who is in charge of … Continued